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Identify what your customers really want.

1. Data creation

Data creation

Mitra Intelligence uses a wide range of surveys created by our leading industry experts and renowned professors to generate the right data for your event.

Share Mitra Intelligence's pre-designed surveys with your attendees without losing your head over the data creation process.


Data consolidation

Integrate different data sources with surveys, Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, ticketing platforms and/or your budgets to our data-ecosystem.

It is as easy as uploading an excel-sheet or copy & paste the API keys of these tools into Mitra Intelligence.

Data consolidation
3. Data warehousing

Data warehousing

Access your data anytime, anywhere over our ISO-certified secure cloud located in Germany. Quickly retrieve information from the past and benchmark them with the present.


Smart-data visualization

A dashboard is worth more than a thousand data rows. We structure and design Mitra Intelligence’s dashboards with the simplest details for efficient consumption to understand your data. See the bigger picture and dive into details easily.

Smart-data visualization
5. Recommendations


Top experts have designed Mitra Intelligence’s self-learning prediction models, which significantly improve the more data you provide.

Mitra Intelligence can predict sales up to 90% accurately and give you recommendations on how to improve your operations, marketing and pricing.

Detailed event analysisDashboards

Company Dashboard

Track your company's overall performance over time. Easily segment by country and/or event type. Set alerts on company, type, country and event level to detect critical issues that require your immediate attention.

Project Manager Dashboard

Keep an overview of all your important event KPIs in one place. Mitra Intelligence allows you to retrieve information from past events with a single mouse click.

Ticket Dashboard

Analyze your ticket sales and segment them by ticket type or % over time. Mitra Intelligence’s sophisticated prediction displays your potential sales and sold out date.

Budget Dashboard

See your financial progress and compare revenue and cost over time.

Operations Dashboard

Mitra Intelligence measures your event performance and applies predictive analytics to help you improve.

Marketing Dashboard

Mitra Intelligence combines data from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager and surveys to truly track your marketing performance and give precise recommendations.

Pricing Dashboard

Mitra Intelligence’s sophisticated pricing analytics helps you to set the right prices from your attendant’s and economical perspectives.

Attendants Dashboard

Mitra Intelligence’s powerful attendants dashboard helps you to identify your customer’s demographics, festival behaviours and motivation to attend the event.

Data storage icon

Data storage

Access all your data in one secure location.

Data import icon

Data import

Connect your apps to update data automatically.

Data export icon

Data export

Easily download your own data.

Levels of Analysis icon

Levels of Analysis

Choose the level of detail that suits you.

User roles icon

User roles

Give individual permissions to each user.

Set alarms icon

Set alarms

Set notifications for individual KPIs.

Comparisons icon


Compare data across your events.

Benchmark icon


Compare yourself with industry standards