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Mitra Intelligence facilitates data-driven decisions, which put you ahead of the competition.

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Who are we?

Just like you, our founders at Mitra Intelligence are passionate event producers, with experience in running large scale events around Europe and Asia. Therefore, we understand the pain of having little resources to collect meaningful data and putting them into effective use.

Nevertheless, we collected and consolidated the right data in one place and as a result, we were were able to make predictions, such as the expected number of tickets sold - with up to 90% precision. Our data-driven approach gained interest from the biggest event organizers in the world and with that, Mitra Intelligence was born.

Now, our mission is to help leaders of the event industry to unlock the full potential of their data. We co-operate with renowned academics and the biggest players in the industry. We destroy, we build, and challenge the status quo. We invite you to join us on this journey.

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