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We have analysed events in over10 countries from 1.000 - 80.000 attendants.

  • Tired of jumping from one tool to another to collect data insights?
  • Lost in the vast amount of data and its meaning?
  • Hungry for solid sales and other major predictions?

Simple, Mitra Intelligence got you covered.

Unify your data in a single self-learning eco-system that enables powerful insights.

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Create and consolidate your data on one single platform.

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No more struggle dealing with data on multiple tools.

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Turn complex data into intuitive dashboards.

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See the big picture but dive into details easily.

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Apply self-learning statistical predictions to gather insights.

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Make informed decisions and get ahead of your competition.

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Benefit from hidden guests insights and industry benchmarks.

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Attract and retain your customers long-term.

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Company Overview

Stay on track with all your events and their performances

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Project Manager Board

Get an immediate overview of your present and past events

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Levels of Analysis

Dive into details easily

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Prediction Overview

Predict important factors for success

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Mitra Intelligence

In competitive markets such as live-events, data pioneers dominate the industry

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What you know about the power of data

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What we can help you uncover

Mitra Intelligence dives deeper than simple analysis. It offers easy and intuitive access to advanced multi-level analysis. There is much more than you can observe in your ocean of data. Together, we can uncover valuable insights you didn’t know existed.